The 1st Workshop on Monte Carlo eXtreme for Biomedical Optics Research (MCX'17)

1. Summary
2. Event agenda (tentative)
3. Directions
4. Important notes
5. Lodging and food

1. Summary

ISEC 138 (1st floor), Northeastern University, 805 Columbus Ave, Boston, MA 02115
Aug. 8-9, 2017
We are the developers of MCX and MMC, two high-performance Monte Carlo photon transport simulation platforms that are widely distributed among the biophotonics research community. We organize this two-day event to train our software users - particularly students and researchers in the biophotonics/imaging areas - to properly and efficiently use our photon simulation packages. We will cover various tools we have developed, including MCX, MMC, MCXLAB/MMCLAB, MCX Studio and Iso2mesh (for 3D mesh-generation). We will show our participants via interactive sessions on how to define simulation domains, setting critical parameters, running simulations, and displaying results.
We thank the funding support from the NIH/NIGMS under Award# R01-GM114365. This event is not possible without this support!
What do you need
A laptop that can be connected to the network using Wifi. We will have a reception/poster session on Day 1 (Aug. 8), we encourage all attendees to present a poster for your related research.
How to register
Please fill in the registration form before July 31, 2017.

2. Event agenda (tentative)

Day 1 (Aug. 8):

  • 9:30-10:30 Opening introduction, Monte Carlo algorithm basics and overview to the MCX and MMC projects
  • 10:30-11:30 Interactive MCX training session - GPU accelerated MC simulations (MCX binary, MCX studio, MCXLAB, installation, optimization, tips)
  • 11:30-12:30 MCX hands-on session
  • 12:30-1:30 Lunch Break (lunch provided)

  • 1:30 - Starting MMC/iso2mesh training session
    • 1:30-2:00 MMC algorithm and simulation basics
    • 2:00-2:30 MMC/MMCLAB iterative training
    • 2:30-3:30 Medical image based 3D mesh generation - iso2mesh training (1 hour)
    • 3:30-4:30 Generating high-quality human brain 3D meshes
    • 4:30-5:30 Iso2mesh/MMC hands on sessions
  • 5:30 - Concluding the afternoon
  • 5:30-6:30 break
  • 6:30-8:00 Reception and posters

Day 2 (Aug. 9):

  • 9:30-10:30 Invited talks (2 talks, 30 min each)
    • 9:30-10:00 High performance computing with GPU processors (tentative) - by Prof. David Kaeli
    • 10:00-10:30 TBD
  • 10:30-11:00 MCX/MMC developer guide - interface and software structures
  • 11:00-12:00 User-developer round-table discussion feedback sessions
  • 12:00 Concluding Day 2
  • Collaboration/troubleshooting meetings can be arranged with the MCX/MMC team in the afternoon.

3. Directions

The event will be held at the Interdisciplinary Science & Engineering Complex (ISEC) on the Northeastern University Boston campus.

If you live in the Boston area, you are highly encouraged to take the subway (the T). The ISEC building is only a block away (3-min by walking) from the Ruggles (orange-line) station. The Boston MBTA map can be found at here. You can transfer to the orange-line from Red line at Downtown Crossing, Green-line from North station and Hay market, or Blue-line at States station.

If you drive, please use the address "805 Columbus Ave, Boston, MA 02115" for your GPS settings. For parking, the cloest public parking garage is the Renaissance parking garage at 835 Columbus Ave, Boston. If you need funding assistance on parking, please contact the organizer directly.

4. Important notes

  • Please bring a laptop (and charging cables) with you in order to attend the training workshop.
  • A license of MATLAB that can be used during the event (if you don't have one, please contact the organizer).
  • Pre-installation of the needed software (MCX, MMC, iso2mesh and MATLAB) before the event is highly recommended.

5. Lodging and food

The organizer will cover the participant's lodging cost using our limited funding reservation. The housing is provided by the Northeastern University Conference Housing Office with two options: single-person room ($75/person/night) and two-person room ($65/person/night). Unfortunately, we can not provide lodging assistance for local attendees. If any attendee needs additional nights to stay, we can help you to reserve but the additional nights will be at your own cost.

We will also provide work lunch on Aug. 8, and the catering services for the reception on Aug. 8 evening. If you have special dietary request, please provide it in the registration form (or email the organizer).

Unfortunately, we can not provide reimbursement on transportation (flight tickets, buses, taxi, parking or subway) due to limited funding. If this cost is a major obstacle to your attendance of this event, please contact the organizer directly on additional assistance request.

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