Installation Instructions for MMC

Actually, you don't really need to install MMC. There is a single executable in this software that is needed for all the simulations. If you download the right binary package for your platform, this executable is located under the mmc/src/bin directory and is typically named as "mmc" (or mmc.exe for windows). When running simulations, you just need to type the full path to the mmc executable in the command line, something like:

 /path/to/mmc -n 10000 -f inputfile.inp -D TP

If you are tired of typing the full path, you have two choices.

  1. you can move the mmc binary to the /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin directory of your system, then you can simply type mmc instead of the full path.
  2. you can add the path containing mmc binary to your PATH environment variable. Details can be found at this page.

If your system complains about missing "", you are likely running a multi-threaded version of mmc but your system does not have the OpenMP libraries. This can be solved by installing the gcc package using the commands at this link, or simply download the packages with "static" in the name.

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