MCX - massively parallel 3D photon migration powered by GPU computations

Change Log

MCX 0.5 (black hole) development branch, FangQ <fangq nmr mgh harvard edu>

2010/01/26 add ocelot makefile for multicore CPU
2010/02/04 fixing a minor NaN bug detected by Ocelot

MCX 0.2 (aurora), FangQ <fangq nmr mgh harvard edu>

2009/12/19 polish documentation, add svn keywords and tagged 0.2 final
2009/12/10 MCX Studio GUI is tested on Linux, Windows, Mac OS X
2009/12/03 add README.txt file for each example folder
2009/12/02 complete "bubble" mode to reduce impact from non-atomic write
2009/10/24 use cuda event timer, use VC compiler for Windows
2009/10/21 paper published online, added windows support
2009/10/20 set license to GPLv3, first public release (v0.2 beta)
2009/10/19 fixed double-precision warning for CUDA 2.3
2009/10/06 more GUI developments
2009/09/25 fixed memory leackage, supported verbose options
2009/09/24 major code clean-up, added GPUDEBUG macro
2009/07/31 tested on GTX295 with CUDA 2.3
2009/07/15 used atomicFloatAdd for atomic memory write
2009/07/13 fixed half-grid shift bug in the validation script
2009/07/08 reflection for a maximum of 3 interfaces
2009/06/26 tested non-atomic write racing condition
2009/05/19 added mcx studio: a GUI for mcx
2009/05/07 query GPU info
2009/05/05 added options to print to a log file
2009/04/30 code clean up and paper submission, tag 0.1.9 (Aurora alpha)
2009/04/26 new and more robust boundary reflection code
2009/04/24 build-in fluence normalization (unitary solution)
2009/04/20 added examples and validation scripts, supported respins
2009/04/07 energy conservation for normalization of the solution
2009/04/03 time gating support
2009/04/01 split the main function to units, add utils. and config file
2009/03/02 added logistic-map based random number generator
2009/02/27 early support of boundary reflection
2009/02/24 MT rand now working fine
2009/02/21 added MT random number generator initial version
2009/02/20 translated to Brook+
2009/02/15 translated to CUDA
2009/02/14 initial version written in BrookGPU
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